wake-up call.

The wake-up call comes unexpectedly. You’re groggy and unaware but you answer it and your day begins. It feels like an ordinary day but it isn’t. The coffee tastes the same. The routine is the same but something is different. You’re different.

As you slept, your soul decided to make adjustments. The times you were an afterthought have ended. The times you didn’t come first have ended. The words you were afraid to speak will flow. You’ll be a priority or you will be alone. There are no other options. The bar you’ve set has been raised and few, if any, will reach it.

At times, solitude is necessary to make the right choices. Many people fear it because in silence, you hear the truth. You’re aware of what you deserve and although you’ve settled for mediocre in the past, this renewed self refuses to let sub-par people take space in your life.

You’ve gained self-awareness as the world spins around you and realize very little of what happens is in your control but what you can control, you do. You can control how you react and let stillness guide you. You can control the words you speak since your thoughts are private. They belong to only you and not everyone gets the privilege of knowing them. You can control the people you surround yourself with by tightening the circle and keeping only those you trust within it.

And then it happened. You woke up and you’re in this place where everything feels right. Your heart is calm, your soul is lit, your thoughts are positive, and your vision is clear. You’re at peace with where you’ve been, at peace with what you’ve been through, and at peace with where you’re headed.

You’ve awakened.